Audition Day Logistics

What should I wear for the audition?
There is no formal dress code for the audition. Musicians are welcome to wear whatever they feel comfortable in.
When should I arrive for my audition?
Plan to arrive at least 15 minutes before your audition time. Look out for any possible traffic or weather delays.
Is parking available for auditions?
Yes. There is a small parking lot and ample street parking at the GSYO Office. Both JLS Middle School and Terman Middle School have large parking lots.
What should I bring with me to the audition?

Bring your instrument, music, and a stand for warm-up. Cellists should bring a cello stop or strap. Wind players and string plays should carry any necessary accessories (reeds, extra strings, rosin, etc). Percussionists are expected to bring their own sticks/mallets. You do not need to bring extra copies of your music or any documents for the audition panel, nor will you need a stand for the audition as there will be one in the room.

Are there warm-up rooms once I arrive at the audition site?
Yes. At the GSYO Office, there is one communal warm-up room. At the rehearsal locations, there is usually a small space available for warm-up.
How long is the audition?
An average audition is 5-10 minutes long, though younger players may audition for a shorter time at the discretion of the audition panel. During your audition, you may be stopped by the panel and asked to go to another solo or excerpt. This is common and does not reflect upon your performance.
What if I cannot make my audition appointment?
Due to the high demand for auditions, we kindly request that you do not attempt to reschedule your appointment unless there is a true emergency or illness. If for some reason you absolutely cannot change your schedule to accommodate the appointment time, you must notify the office immediately. We cannot guarantee that we will have an alternate time available, but we will do our best to assist you.

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