Covid-19 Plan

Frequently Asked Questions

As the COVID-19 situation evolves and we receive additional guidelines from Santa Clara County, the California Department of Public Health, etc., we will update the FAQs. Thank you for your patience and understanding during this time of uncertainty.

How is GSYO starting the 20-21 season?

Despite challenges caused by the pandemic, we are excited for the upcoming season and committed to providing our students with rewarding and meaningful programming.

We expect to move through the following Phases during the season:

Phase 1: Ensemble and sectional rehearsals for all students online, with enhanced programming.
Phase 2: "Chamber music” Hybrid - with both in-person rehearsals and online learning.
Phase 3: “Chamber music,” in-person, for all GSYO students.

The coronavirus situation is fluid to say the least and there are bound to be changes, so we will evaluate programming every three weeks and report back to students/parents with any developments. We will swiftly and eagerly move to in-person rehearsals as soon as is safely possible, Everyone in our organization is dedicated to making your child's experience rewarding, exciting and beneficial to both their instrument playing, ensemble experience and music education in general. It is an honor to have them in our program and we are excited to see their smiling faces in-person very soon.

Why is this change necessary?

We are prioritizing the health and safety of our musicians, their families, our staff and faculty and the community in general. The most recent mandates by Santa Clara County (Link HERE), relating to activity causing aerosols (wind and brass instruments) together with increased distancing and density requirements make the prospect of in-person rehearsals unviable. An online programming offer is the clear and safe choice to start the season.

How will this affect String/Percussion/Harp Students?

As described, they will begin the season online, but we believe they can play safely in-person, with masks and distancing, when the coronavirus numbers improve. A safety plan has been prepared and is ready for their return.

How will this affect Woodwind/Brass Students?

Since aerosols are produced by playing these instruments, woodwind/brass students will participate in online programming, and when the coronavirus numbers improve and masks are no longer required, we will move them swiftly to in-person rehearsals. A safety plan is being prepared and is ready for their return. We are optimistic these students will be able to return to rehearsals at some point this season.

Have our rehearsal venues been impacted?

Union Presbyterian Church in Los Altos, the rehearsal space for most of our ensembles, will be closed until further notice. Fletcher Middle School in Palo Alto is not in a position to give a firm commitment on the use of their space for now. Other venues used from time to time are also closed. However, all bookings are registered and available once we have been cleared to return for Phase 2 and 3.

Are Retreats/Camps for Symphony/Sinfonietta/Galbraith online?

Yes, all three will be online. Specific information for each will be sent to students and parents in these ensembles soon.

Will we have concerts in 2020?

We have 4 performances scheduled in 2020; ultimately, we believe these will not take place, but they remain on the schedule for now. Our concerts in March/May of 2021 are more likely to happen. We are currently working on options for virtual concerts and other online performance opportunities for our ensembles.

Will there be seating auditions?

Yes, we want our musicians to continue to prioritize their instrument playing and to have audition experience. Some ensembles have received information related to seating auditions and additional information will be sent in the coming weeks.

Can I still join GSYO?

Yes! GSYO is holding auditions for the 20-21 Season! This season we are accepting video submissions. Detailed instructions are outlined on the Audition Requirements page.

We are still accepting applications for all open positions. Please see the individual orchestra requirement pages for open instrument listings.

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