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This is the place to visit for important member updates, schedule information, concert dates and rehearsal times/locations... essentially everything you need to know about the El Camino Wind Orchestra 2020-21 Season!

REMIND APP: If you haven't already, please sign-up for the Remind app! If there is a last minute sectional room change, an update to a schedule, or other reminders that need to get sent out quickly, Remind is very handy. Please text @ecwo2021 to the number 81010 to be added to the message list. Or add yourself online:


Absences, Music, Lost & Found: Katie ( or Keith (

Payments, Promotion Auditions, Concert Tickets: Deepika ( or Lori (

Donations, Gift Matching, or Ad Sales: Joanne (

Board Membership: Seth (


6:15 - 8:00pm


  • All Zoom video sessions will be monitored by GSYO faculty and staff. GSYO will utilize breakout rooms for small group learning and team building activities. GSYO faculty and staff will drop in and out of these rooms as necessary. Musicians are expected to act appropriately and respectfully of all musicians at all times.
  • Zoom virtual sessions are designed for GSYO musicians only.
  • To prevent disruptions to the rehearsal, parents/guardians should not actively participate in the sessions, although parents/guardians may assist their child with technology and/or remain nearby if necessary.
  • Parents/guardians should refrain from engaging with their musician(s) during Zoom sessions.
  • Parents/guardians of this student must take full responsibility for their children's equipment and digital resources and hereby release GSYO from any liability incurred by their child’s online interactions.


  • All participants will adhere to the following rules or they will be removed from the session. Recurring incidences of bad behavior will result in dismissal from the program.
    • Offensive or inappropriate language is not to be used in any form of communication.
    • Use of any profanity - written, drawn, displayed or spoken - during a meeting is unacceptable.
    • Videos are required to be on during active rehearsal time. If you have technology challenges, please notify the Orchestra staff ahead of time.
    • Zoom backgrounds/backdrops should not be offensive, distracting, or negatively impact the experience of other participants.
    • As expected of any class interaction, musicians are to treat each other with courtesy and respect.
    • GSYO does not tolerate bullying of any kind.

Sharing Orchestra Links

  • In order to maintain the privacy of the students and faculty and the integrity of the program, Zoom links may not be shared with those not registered for the program. Infringements could result in dismissal from the program.

Sharing Music

  • Parts or scores should not be shared with anyone outside of GSYO. Sharing music outside of the organization conflicts with current copyright laws.

Privacy Policies

  • Every precaution will be taken to ensure student privacy. Anyone not in compliance will be removed from the session.
  • Every Zoom session will be password protected.
  • When signing on, the device being used should be identified by the student’s first name and last initial and instrument. For example: Lori B. [flute]
  • The private chat function will be disabled, and screen sharing will be limited to faculty only (unless enabled by faculty during the class, only if necessary).
  • Any confidential or personally identifiable information related to musicians participating during rehearsal virtual sessions should not be collected, discussed or shared.
  • Participants should not video record, audio record, photograph, live stream, or transmit in any other way any part of a Zoom virtual session, including not posting on any social media platform. GSYO may record or document rehearsals for archival as well as marketing purposes. Student names will not be shared.

Cell Phones

  • Cell phones, tablets, smart watches, or any other forms of technology are not to be used unless they are being used to host Zoom, or to virtually read music/scores. Please respect your coaches, conductors, and fellow musicians by not spending time on anything other than the rehearsal.

Technology Logistics

  • Zoom - All virtual classes will be held as Zoom meetings. Devices used for Zoom sessions should have video and audio capabilities.
  • Tech Support - If you have concerns or questions about your technology set-up, please contact GSYO at


Just as there are various levels of orchestra for our musicians, there are various ways for parents to be involved with GSYO. We are a large, diverse, and a widely-recognized music education program that has a devoted but, nevertheless, small staff; therefore, we deeply appreciate your contribution of time and efforts in support of our young musicians. We welcome everyone's participation during the year so that our season is a success, for all concerned - musicians, parents, faculty, and staff alike.


Ad SalesMailing CrewHoliday Concert
Concert PromotionSpring AuditionWinter Concert
Phone-a-thonOpen RehearsalSpring Concert

Reporting Absences

If your musician is unable to attend rehearsal, please notify the Artistic Operations Manager and the Orchestra Assistant as soon as possible by submitting an Absence Notification through the GSYO website. You may also call the GSYO Musicians' line at (650) 665-9047. If there is no answer, please leave a message. Note: the online form is preferred. Students should not miss more than two rehearsals in a concert period.

If a musician will miss a dress rehearsal or a concert, A PARENT MUST submit the Absence Notification form through the GSYO site.

  • Only two absences are allowed per concert schedule - regular rehearsals only.
  • The only excused absences for dress rehearsals or concerts are severe illness, loss in the family, or a school music performance.
  • Missing more than 30 minutes of a rehearsal is considered an absence.

GSYO Supports School Music

GSYO members are encouraged to take an active role in their school music programs; it strengthens and enhances student musical development within the school community and in their progress through the GSYO ensembles.
GSYO members are ambassadors for the organization in their community. You can make a tremendous contribution to these programs by serving as a role model and sharing your talents with others. While not a requirement for GSYO participation, all GSYO Conductors expect that you will be a member of your school music program.

It is important that our families understand that we support their mandatory school music performances and that the school music directors feel comfortable communicating with the GSYO Conductors and Administration when conflicts arise.

Support School Music Policy >>
School Music Director Notification Form >>

Concert Dress Code

Girls: All attire should be black. Long black dress or black shirt and long black skirt/pants. Black panty-hose should be worn with skirts/dresses and all girls should wear black dress shoes.

Guys: Dark suits, white button-up shirt, long dark ties, dark socks, and black dress shoes. Please NO white socks or athletic shoes.

***Concert dress is required for concerts only! Do not wear concert dress to dress rehearsals.

Annual Auditions

Members of the El Camino Orchestra who wish to audition for promotion to Sinfonietta or Symphony for the following season should submit the Audition Application online through the Members Only section in January/February. Auditions take place during March and April. Send your application in early as appointment slots fill up quickly. Payment is due at the time the application is submitted.

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