Tour 2022: Graz

A Gaze Into Graz By Piyush Shanbhag It was time for our concert. The last concert. For me, it was the final opportunity to showcase the months of strenuous work we’d put in, and the last chance to prove ourselves and justify the ridiculous amount of fun we’d been...

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Tour 2022: Vienna

The City of Music By Jocylin Braun The morning following our Prague performance, we were back on the road, this time on our way to Vienna, Austria. Our first full day in Vienna began at Schönbrunn Palace, which was absolutely stunning. The architecture of the inside...

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Tour 2022: Prague

Hitting New heights in prague By Arushi Agarwal It was our third day in Europe, and all of our wrapped up excitement was finally coming loose. We’d been waiting for this trip for years, and its original postponement due to the pandemic only made it more highly...

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Tour 2022: Rehearsals

Tour Rehearsals? More Like Music Bootcamp By Christine Zhao The days of summer were quickly approaching, which meant that Tour (2 years in the making!!!!) was underway. In preparation for the much-anticipated tour, we gathered at our usual spot—the Union Presbyterian...

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