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Alexander Hill

Artistic Operations Manager

Alexander Hill started his music journey as a tuba player growing up in Tullahoma, Tennessee. He received a Bachelor's Degree in Music Education from Tennessee Tech University. He then went on to Illinois State University and received a Master's Degree in Music Performance.

Since 2016, Alex has been a high demand tubist within the recording scene. He has recorded on over 40 albums, on over 300 tracks, and on video games, television, internet videos, podcasts, and more.

Primarily, he is the tuba player for The Game Brass. They are an award winning brass ensemble who records and releases arrangements of video game music. They strive to bring the discipline of classical training to the video game music world, and the joy of video game music to the classical world.

Alex moved to the San Francisco Bay Area in mid 2022 and loves it. In his free time he is a Virtual Reality enthusiast and enjoys creating electronic music.

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