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Keith Gleason

Orchestra Assistant & Librarian

Keith Gleason grew up with a mother who exposed him to all kinds of music: classical, theatrical and popular. He took piano lessons as a child, but, as with many kids, he quit after a few years. While a college undergraduate, he rediscovered classical music in his own way, namely in the form of an obsession with the piano. He also resumed piano lessons. For a few years, he wanted to be the famous Canadian pianist Glenn Gould, but abandoned that idea since there was only one Gould and because he didn’t have Gould’s talent.

A graduate of California State University, East Bay with a BA in English, Keith has worked in a variety of jobs over the years that include: proofreader, editor, library assistant, marketing and communications coordinator for two hospitals, medical librarian, newspaper reporter, and freelance writer. But his most rewarding and challenging work experience was his 11 years with Young People’s Symphony Orchestra in Berkeley, where he served as the interim orchestra manager and administrative assistant. It was there that Keith was able to combine his love of classical music and the reward of working with dedicated teenage musicians who perform at a high level under the guidance of sectional coaches and an experienced conductor. At GSYO, Keith has found a whole new perspective on the youth orchestra and ensemble world with an organization that—by virtue of its six ensembles—can have musicians literally grow up within its ranks over a decade or more who are taught by a dedicated team of excellent coaches and conductors.

In his spare time, Keith enjoys hiking, playing the piano, reading, and attending concerts and musicals with his wife and 95-year old mom.

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