Board Membership

Golden State Youth Orchestra provides first-rate music education for our young musicians by fostering a nurturing environment where they can train and develop their artistic talents and skills. Guided by strong leadership, we ensure that our faculty and staff have the financial and professional support necessary to consistently maintain the high level of all GSYO music education and performance programs. Our Board of Directors is composed of parents and interested community members who volunteer their time and effort.

GSYO Board members are responsible for the future of our organization, and believe strongly in our stated values of "excellence in a nurturing environment.” As such, they generously give of their time, energy, counsel, and financial support, while developing relationships with the surrounding community, and working together to keep GSYO a healthy, vibrant music education organization.

Expectations for Board Members include the following: attendance at monthly meetings to provide candid, helpful advice and guidance for the organization; participation in one or more committees; participation in developing fund-raising opportunities; provision of sensitive support to staff members; and financial support of the organization at whatever level possible.

For additional information or to inquire about Board openings, contact the GSYO office at (650) 665-9046 or email Executive Director Seth Ducey:

Ways to Serve

As a Board member you can share your expertise, opinions, and experience by chairing or serving on any of our various committees, which all work, as needed, with the Executive Director and Music Director.

    Finance Committee

    Works in coordination with the GSYO Treasurer to make recommendations regarding all financial procedures and controls, and reviews and assists in preparing and presenting all budgets and financial statements.

    Nominating Committee

    Takes responsibility for recruiting and recommending Board members as needed.  In addition, committee members actively promote GSYO to their communities of friends, neighbors, and coworkers to foster fruitful and rewarding relationships that help identify potential sponsors and donors.

    Development Committee

    Takes charge of planning and coordinating fund-raising efforts and events.

    Parent Outreach Committee
    Plans and facilitates GSYO community relations events such as open-rehearsals, the annual Spring picnic, and concert receptions.
    Tour Committee

    In conjunction with the Executive Director and the Music Director, plans and executes activities connected with the bi-annual summer Symphony tour.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    What if I am unable to meet the financial obligations of Board membership?
    We appreciate your financial support at whatever level you are comfortable, but we also value the investments of your time, creativity, and energy.

    Do I need a special talent to become a Board member?
    Board membership offers many ways to contribute positively to GSYO. We are sure that you will find activities that suit your needs and abilities. We also believe that active Board participation may be an opportunity to recognize and nurture new abilities.

    May I still serve on the Board even though I might have an occasional time conflict?
    Of course, we all have busy lives, and while we hope for maximum participation, we are respectful of others’ workloads. We ask that you notify the Board president if you are unable to attend a Board meeting.

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