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Domain registration for and other related domains (, is configured as a domain redirect to the primary domain.

Account username is gsyo-music.

Network Solutions

Our former domain registrar for All data was transferred to GoDaddy in December 2018.

Google (G Suite for Non-Profits)

Email accounts for

From December 2018, our Primary Domain is is configured as a Secondary Domain. All email and group addresses have been switched to, with as a working alias in all cases.


Hosting for WordPress is hosted there.

Account username is


Software for running the public pages for Also the Members Only pages. Custom Single Sign-On plugin is configured to integrate the site login with the members database hosted at YourMembership.

Ticket and merchandise purchases are hosted on WordPress using the WooCommerce plug-in, which process payments through our Stripe account.

Administrator accounts on WordPress (January 2019) are: adminemanjason may, and lori.


WordPress has a large ecosystem of plugins to provide additional functionality. We are using the following:

  • Events Manager (defining calendar events and locations; this supports all our performance pages)
  • Divi (block-based page editor)
  • bne_ecys_sso (custom-developed extension for integrating our sign-on with YourMembership)
  • User Role Editor (defining custom roles for ensemble members in order to restrict access to Members Only pages; works with bne_ecys_sso)
  • Cube Portfolio
  • Google Tag Manager for WordPress (hooking up our WordPress site to Google analytics)
  • Jetpack
  • WooCommerce (tickets, merchandise and shopping cart pages)
  • WooCommerce Square (enables payments for WooCommerce items using the Square payment gateway)
  • Vimuse Player WP (media player on the About/Media page)
  • Slider Revolution (the rotating image carousel at the top of the home page)
  • Cube Portfolio (layout for the images on the About/People page)
  • Yoast SEO (tools for managing Search Engine Optimization)


Currently disabled.


Currently disabled.


Credit card handling for tickets and merchandise on

Note that for ticket sales for events at Flint, we are required to use TicketMaster.

Account username is

Google Search

Google Ads


Hosts Membership database. Sign-on for via the custom bne_ecys_sso plugin.

Payments for tuition, tour and other fees.

Outbound email for all purposes.


Currently not used. Possible alternative for outbound email (newsletters, announcements, marketing).


Ticket sales for performances at Flint Center.

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